PART I: HENRY VII CHAPTER 1: FOUNDING A DYNASTY The Wars of the Roses The basis of Henry’s claim Early life Securing power Shakespeare’s Henry Tudor CHAPTER 2: ADMINISTERING A KINGDOM Taming the nobles Justices of the Peace The Royal Council The Star Chamber Parliament Finances CHAPTER 3: INSURRECTIONS Lambert Simnel Perkin Warbeck The last pretender CHAPTER 4: FOREIGN POLICY AND LEGACY France Scotland Spain Other foreign policy achievements The man and his legacy PART II: HENRY VIII: EARLY REIGN: 1509–27 CHAPTER 5: FROM PRINCE TO KING The second son Heir apparent The young king and the rise of Wolsey CHAPTER 6: FOREIGN AFFAIRS War with France and Scotland Shifting alliances Power broker Declining influence CHAPTER 7: DOMESTIC AFFAIRS Taxation Law Enclosures The Church Legacy PART III: HENRY VIII: LATE REIGN: 1527–47 CHAPTER 8: THE KING’S GREAT MATTER The desire for a male heir Appeals to the Pope The court case The fall of Wolsey CHAPTER 9: THE BREAK WITH ROME The rise of Thomas Cromwell Support in Parliament Formalizing the breach CHAPTER 10: THE DISSOLUTION OF THE MONASTERIES A declining institution What were the monasteries? Why did Henry set his sights on the monasteries? Investigating the monasteries Dissolution of the smaller monasteries Pilgrimage of Grace Dissolution of the larger monasteries Effects of the dissolution CHAPTER 11: COURT MANOEUVRES The downfall of Anne Boleyn The fall of Thomas Cromwell Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr Court factions Wars with Scotland and France Death and legacy PART IV: EDWARD VI (1547–53) AND MARY I (1553–58) CHAPTER 12: THE LORD PROTECTOR The regent’s nephew Edward Seymour Thomas Seymour War, religion and rebellion CHAPTER 13: THE DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND Ruling the kingdom Death of the King The Nine-Day Queen CHAPTER 14: QUEEN MARY I Consolidating power Marriage to Philip of Spain Religion War with France Death PART V: ELIZABETH I: EARLY REIGN (1558–81) CHAPTER 15: DOMESTIC POLICIES Accession Religious settlement The Poor Laws Royal progresses CHAPTER 16: FOREIGN POLICY AND THE MARRIAGE QUESTION Anglo–Spanish relations The marriage question Dudley Anjou Marriage, diplomacy and the Virgin Queen CHAPTER 16: MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS The young queen Return to Scotland Marriage to Darnley Marriage to Bothwell Mary in England Rising of the north The Ridolfi Plot PART VI: ELIZABETH I: LATE REIGN (1581–1603) CHAPTER 17: THE BABINGTON PLOT The Throckmorton Plot The double agent The fatal correspondence CHAPTER 18: FOREIGN AFFAIRS The conflict with Spain The Spanish Armada The continuing conflict France Ireland CHAPTER 19: TROUBLED YEARS Policy towards Catholics Bitter rivalry The Shakespearean age The ‘Golden Speech’ Death and legacy