Last updated 1 December, 2021

Booklist review The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Art of War

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Booklist reviewed our upcoming title The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Art of War in their December issue’s ‘Focus on Business’ feature. Reviewer Philip Zozzaro described the book as “Essential reading for the business leaders of tomorrow and a fascinating study of the boardroom as the new battlefield.” Read the full review here


For more than two millennia, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has influenced some of history’s most successful decision-makers. In this striking hardback guide, business journalist Mark Smith extracts key lessons from this timeless work and explains how they can be applied to modern business.

Learn to understand your rivals, make calculated moves, avoid prolonged conflict and more - all based in Sun Tzu’s own teachings. Case studies involving some of the world’s most famous companies are featured, including Amazon and Airbnb. You will find unique real-world examples of Sun Tzu’s teachings in practice, from Californian app developers to TED Talkers, with tips and insights that can help you on the road to success. At the end of each chapter, the original words of Sun Tzu are included, offering you the chance to consider his advice for yourself.

This beautiful hardback is presented with gold embossing and coloured endpapers. Whether intended as a gift or a personal guide, business leaders in the making and any enterprising spirit will find this an invaluable companion.

About the Author

Mark Smith is an experienced business and technology journalist who has written for a variety of magazines and news sites around the world, including Forbes, The Guardian, the BBC and The Daily Telegraph. His topics of interest include digital marketing technology, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Publication Details

  • Publication date: 1st January 2022
  • Format: Hardback
  • UK RRP: £9.99
  • ISBN-13: 9781838573911