Endless Destinies: The Clockwork City

Interactive Book and Card Game

ISBN-13: 9781398823297

Publication Date: 01/11/2023

Paperback 188mm x 120mm

Full colour

Extent: 160 pages

UK RRP: £19.99


The first title in this innovative series of card-powered gamebooks launches the reader into a wildly imaginative fantasy world, rife with danger and brimming with mystery.

Our protagonist is a hex knight, gifted with magical powers. They must venture into an unfamiliar continent to uncover a conspiracy and discover the secret of Clockwork City-the strange structure of rotating brass orbs and rings that hangs in the cloudless skies over the Ashen Plains.


Endless Destinies is a modern and imaginative reinvention of the traditional branching-narrative fantasy book. It synthesizes the compelling play style of modern deck-builder card games with the thrilling sense of narrative freedom found in interactive fiction.

The reader takes the role of protagonist, calls the shots ... and faces the consequences of their own decisions.

Each endless destinies book is an interactive story, structured as a series of numbered paragraphs. Each paragraph describes a situation and ends with a dilemma.

For example:
Will the protagonist risk helping a stranger at the cost of their own safety?
Will they betray an ally to acquire a valuable treasure?
When night falls in the frozen wastes, will they light at fire that could attract predators?

Will they find untold riches, or a terrible fate? Their decisions will inform the path that the story takes.

When the reader encounters an enemy, they must resolve the conflict by drawing cards. They start the game with a small deck of 'live' cards representing their character's abilities and equipment, but throughout the game they can level up, gaining new cards and becoming more specialised and powerful.

Forge your own fate with endless destinies!

Suitable for readers aged 10+.